We face many rejections in our life. Whether it’s in love, jobs, or in business deals. The faster you realize that rejections are part of your life, the better you could deal with it.

You have to accept the fact that the world does not revolve around you. You can’t convince any second person to think from the same perspective as you do. The world is a harsh place and you have to accept the harsh reality. You don’t always get the fair shot in this competitive world.

Rejections are normal. Maybe you are psychologically mauled by all these years of rejections, failures, and losses. There is nothing wrong with you if you have ever face rejections. You are self-important to yourself but you think from your ego instead of your rational mind and make that stuff all by yourself. You act as if it has only happened to you but they happen to everybody.

The problem arises when you start to blame yourself for the rejection. The feeling like you are not worthy of something and desire of self-harm, self-degradation may arise which would do no good for the cause.

When you give value to someone and if they don’t respond likewise you expected, you begin to get feeling like ‘Something is wrong with me’ and with time, this feeling doubles, triples and starts to multiply. Again, you have to accept this thing is perfectly normal and you need to focus on what you’re doing as the pain would heal eventually.

Also, some people get negatively motivated by rejection. The feeling of ‘I am being unnoticed so I should become successful to be noticed in any second person’s eyes’ is prevalent in many people. Many people seek approval from the second person’s viewpoint and completely ignore what they want in their life.

They begin to chase success blindly despite not even knowing what real success actually is. In reality, success is a relative term and the parameter of being successful differs from person to person. In this process, many people would just end up doing something they didn’t actually want to do and later get into an existential crisis.

The only person in the world to whom you need to prove is yourself. You don’t need to seek anybody’s approval. You should be knowing what you want to do with your life. The moment you realize that you don’t need anybody’s approval to live your life, it gives you purpose to live a meaningful life.

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